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Women’s Rights

During the campaign for president, Donald Trump’s disdain for women was on full display. Old recordings of him bragging about sexually assaulting women, his attacks on reproductive rights, his followers love of using sexually degrading language, and much much more all pointed to a man who has spent his life treating women like so much cattle. He has no respect for women, and women know it. In fact, they know it so well that they amassed in the literal millions to protest the attacks on reproductive rights, and their bodies that President Trump has and will conduct. But then came the post modernist nutjobs with their naysaying anti-feminism.

In fact, a great guy collected all of the ridiculous shit and posted it here:


But that isn’t all. There’s a man who runs a webcomic called “assigned male” (as if genitals are assigned like my boots in the military were)

He posted a comic that actually shamed women for protesting for WOMEN’S RIGHTS

So let’s get something straight, dude.
1. Woman is defined as an adult human female

2. Females are defined by their primary and secondary sex organs and characteristics.
3. Sex means, inherently, reproduction. The sex of a human is the reproductive role their organs play in human reproduction.


I have had quite enough of people bashing women’s rights. Trans women are men. If they were just women, they wouldn’t need the trans before the woman. They’re male. Intersex people aren’t trans. Women’s rights matter. Stay tuned for my podcast.